Our Company

T.D. Kelly Company, Inc. has a history of building luxury homes in the Pittsburgh area for over 38 years.  Very few building companies can boast that longevity and experience.  "Quality" and "attention to detail" are two over-used terms in the building industry, but tour a model home that we've built.  Talk to vendors, subcontractors, suppliers and past customers (all contact information available upon request).  We are one of the finest builders in the area.  Period.  Our work speaks for itself and our homes become sound investments for our customers.  Come see for yourself. 

Tim Kelly

Tim has been a builder and developer in the North Hills for 38 years.  Many of his developments have been examples of environmentally conscious or "green" design long before the term was coined.  In his developments, large areas remain undisturbed and undeveloped.  Not only does this create visually and socially-pleasing communities, but it establishes a home setting that is extraordinary.  Each home is an investment that increases in value over time. 

Tim enjoys the creative aspects of home construction, such as creating a setting, designing a home or sketching a mantel.  His penchant for architecture and artistic balance help create proportions and scale in details that are typically understated and aesthetically pleasing. Many of the details in T.D. Kelly homes are copies of old world design.  Panels, profiles and structural ornaments are often designed in the rough stages of construction so that they look seamless and flowing in finish. 


The Office

Amanda and Kristina handle all aspects of costs, financing and scheduling service work after completion.  They implement and monitor the scheduling of selections and they pay the bills! 

Amanda is an accountant and graduated with her BSBA from Robert Morris University.  She has been with our company since 2006. 

Kristina graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Legal Studies.  She has been with our company since 2005. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them at 724-530-9980.

The Field

Tom Funk has been with us for 34 years.  You would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced supervisor in new home construction. 

Tom is responsible for the initial construction phases including excavation, framing, "rough in", mechanical, drywall, and he completes the exterior.

Tim and Tom share the supervision of the finish work.

Amanda and Kristina

Amanda and Kristina


Our Partners

Many of the subcontractors and suppliers that we utilize have been our partners for 10, 20 or even 30+ years.  They are not chosen because they are the lowest cost, but because the quality of their work is excellent and consistent with our standards.  Partners working together, year after year, creates work that dovetails together to build a fine home.  We are all on the same page, not a bunch of individuals trying to make a quick buck.  It's different.